More comments about Orphan Drugs: A Global Crusade

Dear Abbey, I have always thought of you as my Hero. I remember a meeting in Mt Sinai (New York), and it was my earliest NORD meeting. Everything you negotiated in Congress has brought Rare diseases to the fore.

- Priscilla Ciccariello (founder of the National Marfan Foundation)



What a great book. It was certainly a walk down memory lane. Thank you for writing it. It is very well done. I have shared it with a friend in TN as an inspiration to her to continue her work for those under-represented voices.

- Patrick Donoho



Dear Abbey, I am so delighted that your ambition to complete this most valuable record of the personal struggle that became a global crusade has finally been accomplished! Warmest congratulations! I shall most certainly be obtaining a copy. Sincerest good wishes and warmest regards with transatlantic hugs.

- Lesley Greene, Founder of CLIMB, Great Britain