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This book of Ms. Meyers memoirs is her effort to document the issues that led to enactment of the “Orphan Drug Act of 1983”, and the extraordinary scientific and industrial progress that ensued, including the development of Orphan Drug legislation in other industrialized countries around the world.

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“I am no historian or politician, nevertheless, the story of the Orphan Drug Act begs to be told. I am simply an observer of extraordinary events that unfurled before my eyes, like a flower in bloom. The story involves people with serious health problems who were treated as if their lives were disposable, like a paper plate that is relegated to a garbage bag after the picnic is completed.

My memory of the events in this book is largely accurate, but the sequence or timing of the events may be faulty. This Memoir is simply my effort to document what happened, when and why. The most important factor is nothing ever occurred because of one person’s efforts. All advancements occurred because many people put their personal interests aside and worked together with others to reach common goals.

One day, I wish everyone dealing with a rare condition will have access to a treatment. I really hope you will enjoy reading these memories… and learn more about this Global Crusade.“

Abbey S. Meyers




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