Comments from 5 people about Orphan Drugs: A Global Crusade

“Can't wait to read this. Abbey, you are an inspiration. There is still a long way to go but the Orphan Drug Act remains foundational to all our work. THANK YOU.”

- Wendy White


As always you amaze me. Too bad we could not be part of one of the debates. We could show that opposing views can be respectful and learn from each other.

- Ken Mehrling


This is wonderful news Abby. Congratulations! Your work and your life have been such an inspiration to me and my Board colleagues at The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation. I learned so much from you and NORD in the mid-90's in successfully bringing to market 4 different NDAs in rare cancers. It is such an honor to continue to advocate with you!

-Michael W. Young


Abbey, congratulations on your many accomplishments for NORD and  all patients but especially those without an advocate until you came along.  I look forward to reading your book and recommending it to young people who need you as a role model.  Best wishes, Ray Woosley

-Raymond L. Woosley, MD, Ph.D.


Abbey, you have a wonderful story-telling gift and have provided an informative, richly nuanced account of orphan drug history and your own inspiring journey. Bravo! 


- Doris Zallen, Ph.D., retired Professor from Virginia Tech